Can A Door Frame Be Load Bearing? (IT DEPENDS)

You could be wondering whether your door frames are load-bearing.

Anyone moving to a new house or building from scratch happens to be worrying about it. How much weight your door frames can support is what we call load bearing.

So, Can A Door Frame Be Load Bearing?

Yes and no – depending on how your home was constructed. Typical door frames are not designed to bear any other load apart from propping the door in position.

What’s The Definition Of Load Bearing?

We need to start by knowing what load-bearing means.

Well, load-bearing is the actual weight an object can withstand and support.

To put it into a clear perspective, load-bearing is the weight of the object itself in addition to what it can support.

Now, back to load-bearing in door frames.

The hinges on the door are the ones carrying the load.

That is where all the weight is concentrated.

Otherwise, the door frame is responsible for supporting the door weight.

The remaining weight is supported by screws. This is the chief reason why such screws should be supported by formidable timber.

A heavy door would, therefore, require a thicker and stronger frame.

It should be capable of bearing the overall weight of the door. It should also be strong to prevent the screws from getting out.

Adding a hinge at the center of the frame is a cool idea to guarantee maximum support.

In a case where the door is fitted with a load-bearing stud wall, the studs will be instrumental in bearing the load.

They substitute the door frame. The header plate directly transfers the load to the stud on one side of the door.

What Should You Know About Door Frames?

Door frames are rarely load-bearing.

Door frames are designed to carry only a limited amount of weight.

Modern construction and building engineering put this into keen consideration.

With the ever-surging demand for housing and the need to utilize space, buildings are scaling up. Such buildings cannot afford to have load-bearing door frames. And there is more to it.

Typical door frames weigh between 250-350 pounds.

That means if you add something more than 400 pounds, your door will be able to handle such a load.

Here, we are talking of door frame materials like aluminum, timber, and composite.

Other materials that are not strong enough will automatically break down when subjected to immense weight.

Aside from supporting the door frames add an impressive and aesthetic look to the doorway.

How Can You Add Load Bearing Capabilities To A Door Frame?

Your door will not stand without a load-bearing frame.

Structural and building engineers strongly recommend that building a door frame to be load-bearing is inevitable to prevent door collapse and other related problems like cracks and complicated door movement.

To successfully execute this, make sure that the horizontal beam has sufficient structural strength.

This ensures that the vertical load weighing down on the horizontal beam is evenly distributed.

A professional can help you install such doors in the right manner.

Can Doors Be Load Bearing?

Doors can be designed to bear their load. And you can tactically do this by using a structural header over the door.

Ideally, this head acts as a beam to absorb all the weight from the door.

Professional door installation services are needed here.

If you have never been in this before, you may want to consider hiring an expert to help you fix it.

Anything that involves construction can lead to the worst ramifications if not done accordingly.

Is It Possible To Install Doors In A Load-Bearing Wall?

Yes – but bear in mind that this is not a walk in the park.

Your house relies entirely on the load-bearing walls to stand strong.

Any accidental damage to this support can pose immense damage. 

Taking precise measurements of the doorway and knowing the exact place to cut is the surest way to eliminate this risk.

When you start cutting into the wall, make sure that it is done with precision as well.

There should be no irregular cuts that can extend cracks. In a nutshell, preparation is key here.

Additionally, have at your fingertips the accurate locations of wiring, plumbing, and all the fixtures in the area that you intend to cut into.

As you have seen, this particular project needs an expert on board.

Do not ignore the type of timber you intend to use when doing this job.


How Can You Tell That A Wall Is Load-Bearing?

First, a wall that is parallel to the floor joist is not load-bearing.

On the other hand, a wall that is perpendicular to the floor joists is load-bearing.

You need a professional to handle this as well as it may not be the case sometimes.

There are cases where potentially load-bearing walls run parallel to the joists.

Final Words

Most door frames are load-bearing. This is only possible through proper structural engineering.

Causal door frames are not designed to support much weight.

If you want to hand or support anything on them, make sure that are strong enough.

Professional door installation is the best way to make sure that your door frames are load-bearing and can support a couple of things like pull-up bars apart from the load it should carry from the door itself.