Should The Color Of Your Barn Match Your House? (NINE COLOR IDEAS)

A new structure can add a sense of beauty and value to your property, but preferring the color can be an overwhelming process.

With over twenty colors to choose from, finding a perfect color combination can pose a greater challenge than ever expected.

However, there are some guidelines that can lead you to choose the best color for a barn.

So, Should The Color Of Your Barn Match Your House?

It is not always that you have to paint your barn the same as your house, but the paints should at least match. As you add a barn to your property, you obviously do not want it to have a color that distracts visitors. Matching the ban color with your house makes your landscape flow smoothly in the sight of visitors.

Whether you are buying an already structured barn or are building one for yourself, you need to ensure the colors rhyme with your home color theme.

In some situations, you may need to change the color of your house. One of the things that can help you determine the color to paint on a barn is the function of the barn.

This post will cover some color options you can use to match your house with a barn.

Nine Common Color Combinations For The House And Barn

Here are some common colors you can combine and make your house and barn aesthetically pleasing without one distracting the other.

1. Red On Red With A White Trim

Ref is a common color and appears very classic on a standing structure. You can confidently paint your barn red if your house is painted red.

Adding a white trim will create a wonderful contrast.

A red house and a red barn with white trim is an easy way to match the two structures. This color is friendly to mist HOS and appeals beautifully in all climates.

2. Contemporary Black

Though not common, painting your barn and house black is another option to keep your structure rhyming.

Though it is getting popular in some neighborhoods, it is still relatively rare, and one might have to walk several kilometers before seeing a black house and a black barn.

Add a shiny stone on the rooftop, most likely at the peak, to give your structures a touch of some little texture and contrast.

The stone also creates a familiar feel for the new and improved black barn and home.

3. Red And Modern White

A White house and a red barn, or rather, a white barn and a red house, are among the best color combinations.

You can add a containing color trim on the white house while maintaining the red bar aesthetics.

This combination is a very modern style in painting and gives you a classic and often practiced look.

4. A Color Pop

Like the log combination, this pop color of cobalt blue trims appears wonderfully on a home or barn.

This combination may be the best, especially if you renovate your ban, house, or both the barn and house. It can fit well on a completely brown house or a log combination.

The extra color pops out and gives your structure a sticking attraction, unlike when left alone as a dull color.

5. Classy White

White is such a prestigious color.

Painting white on your house and barn is an excellent combination that turns your structures into classy and easy touch-ups.

The touch-ups and chips are rarely noticed on this classic bright and highly contrasting color unless the weather conditions are terrible.

In addition, it gives your house and barn a clean feel, especially under a brightly blueish sky.

6. Bold, Bright, And Blue Color Combinations

You can paint your barn and house blue if you love all blue. If it is not against your HOA regulations, don’t be afraid to make all your structures blue whenever you want.

Make sure you choose the loud color that you love most.

It can be discouraging to realize that you need to repaint your barn after the initial paint dries.

With the many blue color variations, it is easy to miss the exact brightness you expected from the blue.

t can be so annoying when you realize that you have worked so hard on painting, and when it dries, you get a different taste from what you expected.

To avoid all this, be sure with the color choice of the paying you buy. You can test the paint on a small surface and check if it is what you love after it dries.

Make sure you are satisfied with the outcome of your color choice because it will assure you that it will last long.

7. Try The Happy Yellow

Of course, everyone has their varied opinion on yellow houses.

However, these colors are classic, especially on a home and barn.

It is bright, thus providing a lively spirit to you and all your guests as they visit or join you for parties.

They get a sense of happiness as they arrive, and the yellow helps maintain this happy mood all through the party time.

Adding wooden does to the yellow house or barn can create a fantastic natural match. You can also add some white accent as it is easy to touch up and remains appealing all year round.

Before painting the entire structure yellow, apply several samples of yellow on a surface and let them dry before you commit to which one is the best for you.

Some yellow have more blue, making them appear almost like green, while others have more red, making the yellow appear more orange than natural yellow.

8. Green Or Mint Green Combinations

Green is such a gun look on your home. However, just like you do with yellow, you have to be careful when selecting green paint.

You have to be sure if you want pure deep green or some shade of green.

Painting on a surface and letting it dry can help you pick the perfect green for your house and barn.

A mint green color adds a sense of nature to your house and barn, making them easily match the surrounding, especially if you have a bright green lawn and trees around your property.

White trim will help brighten any color, including all shades of green.

You can also have a green house and a white barn if you are not satisfied with both being green.

If you find one color too overwhelming, try mixing it up with a matching bright color to create a beautiful balance.

9. A Log Cabin Look

Most homeowners are conversant with the log cabin look, and you, too, can give it a priority.

This look is undoubtedly dependent on your building material.

Even if you choose to paint your home sidings brown, it will not appear as unique as if you have purely wood sides on the house and barn.

You can bring in a little contrast by painting the windows with light green accents.

The green will bring a bit of brightness to the neutral color palette but still maintain the respect of your barn being labeled as a country home.


Deciding on the color of your barn can be quite challenging.

However, with several house and barn combinations, you can find the best color for a barn.

You can also check the dominant color in your homestead and then choose a barn that will rhyme.

It is also vital to check with your HOA regulations on barn colors. If your color choice is not against such regulations, go ahead and paint the barn.