Can You Put A Wood Burning Stove In A Mobile Home?!?

Stoves are among the choicest heating installations in modern homes.

If you have built a modern mobile home and are thinking of installing one, you might be wondering whether it is the right decision.

Well, it is the best choice you can ever make to get yourself more warmth in cold weather and stay natural.

So, Can You Put A Wood Burning Stove In A Mobile Home?

Yes. Just like any other home, you can install a wood stove in your mobile home and enjoy the benefits you would enjoy in a permanent home. Keep reading this article to understand more about the installation of the wood stove in your mobile home, safety tips, and other ideas.

How Can You Install A Wood Burning Stove In A Mobile Home?

There are many advantages of installing a wood stove in a mobile home.

It is an upgrade of your comfort levels. It is an ideal alternative when a power outage is experienced in your mobile home.

Consequently, it saves you on the expensive costs that would otherwise have been incurred from electric bills.

A debt-free and affordable lifestyle just add to the immense benefits already offered by a mobile home.

The natural fire with its crackles and snaps makes a wood-burning stove a worthwhile investment in your mobile home. it also makes your home cozy.

Installation of the wood stove in a mobile home must follow the stipulated guidelines.

Fire can be disastrous to people and property.

As a result, proper installation safety measures must be put in place and adhered to without fail.

In the next section of this article, we have compiled a comprehensive report on basic installation steps.

Purchase A Wood Stove Approved By Your Insurance Agency

Before installing any stove in your mobile home, the first step is to deal with your insurance agency.

Should they find out that you have applied for a wood stove that is not approved, they will automatically drop your application to have it.

In some scenarios where a wood stove is the only reliable source of heat, you might want to call the agency and talk with them at length.

Perhaps they will listen to your please and approve your application.

Just to name a few, some of the issues they will want to go through with you include:

  • A drop or rise in the insurance policy. They will also investigate whether the wood stove is the sole source of heat
  • The need for an inspection after installation
  • The need to look for a certified contractor to execute the job
  • An investigation into any available wood stoves that are certified for mobile homes
  • The need for brochures and guides on wood stove installation

Which Wood Stoves Are Approved For Mobile Homes?

In most cases, government organizations are responsible for inspecting and approving wood stoves for mobile homes.

Mobile homes are usually built on stringent regulations.

They also inspect the fire and heat sources like stoves.

Below Are Four Wood Stoves Approved For Mobile Homes.

1. Lopi Endeavor

This is a medium-size stove with a surface for cooking.

It also has a convection surface that allows you to warm yourself while sipping your favorite cup of coffee.

It is mostly chosen by mobile homeowners because they do not have strict clearance requirements.

It can burn for a maximum of ten hours holding about 18 inches of wood

2. Lopi Liberty

This is the largest stove that is approved for mobile homes.

It can produce up to 74, 000 BTU of heat per hour.

Its firebox is large enough to accommodate up to 25 inches of logs of wood.

It can burn for up to 12 hours straight. It is highly efficient and can produce a lot of heat.

3. Lopi Answer

With a BTU of up to 66,000, it is one of the choicest wood stoves for mobile homes.

It is relatively large and can therefore meet your heating demands. It can burn for about 8 hours straight.

4. Leyden Top Loading

With cast iron, this model is a small stove ideal for mobile homes. It is designed with a medium-sized firebox and a large heating capacity of up to 73,000 BTU/hr. it can burn for 12 hours straight.

How Much Does It Cost To Install Wood Stoves In Mobile Homes?

On average, installing a wood stove will take about $4500 excluding the chimney.

The chimney might require an additional cost of up to $6000.

This does not factor in labor costs which can extend up to $600.

A professional will fit the chimneys, stove pipes, wall coverings, ventilation systems, and heart pad.

Woodstoves and Mobile Home Safety Tips

As we mentioned earlier, fire can be disastrous if it is not handled with care.

While they can save you a lot of cash, it is important to get armed with safety tips to avert any potential fires, burns, risks, and even carbon monoxide poisoning.

What You Should Do

1. All Children And Pets Should Be Kept Away

The exterior part of the stove is equally very hot and can burn anyone touching them.

Anything that can catch fire or burn should be kept at least 3 feet away from the woodstove.

2. Install Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Other alarms like fire alarms and carbon alarms should be well placed especially in the bedroom area.

This is the surest way to know a critical scenario before it is too late.

3. Remove And Dispose Of Ash Regularly

Ashes must, however, be allowed to cool down completely before they are disposed of.

And even during disposal, do not throw them into dry matter.

They can catch fire and cause a disaster. Designate an ash disposal container some meters away from your mobile home and other structures.

4. Clean And Inspect The Chimneys Regularly

This helps you to contain any creosote buildup.

5. Inspect Your Wood Stove At Least Once A Year

A professional can best do this job to try and see if there are any flaws or holes in it.

Fire can find its way through such flaws and, without being noticed, can cause massive destruction.

The connections between the stoves and the wood stove must also be inspected. The areas are susceptible to cracks.

6. Stay Alert

Always keep an eye on your stove to catch and correct any unusual wear, cracks, and tear on the chimney.

Corrosion is a major problem that must be noted and corrected the soonest as possible.

What You Should NOT DO

1. Do Not Overload The Stove

Just make a fire that can be accommodated by the stove.

That means you should regulate the amount of wood you feed into the stove.

Aside from causing potential damage to the stove, it can lead to fires.

2. Do Not Allow Massive Accumulation Of Ash In The Stove

It reduces heat efficiency by interfering with airflow. Besides, fires in such stoves prove very difficult to extinguish.

3. Don’t Burn Non Wood Materials

These include plastics rubber and garbage. Such materials can damage your stove. In worst cases, they can even cause it to explode.

Final Words

A wood stove is the ultimate heating solution in mobile homes.

It is an alternative to electric heating.

It is, therefore, important to put into consideration the best placement point for your stove and tips on how to handle and operate it.

If you are embarking on installing a wood stove in your mobile home, rest assured you are making the right decision. Be ready to get warmer and more comfortable.