Should You Add A Storm Or Screen Door To Your Mobile Home?

A door serves as a home’s entry point and contributes to the general home beauty.

Most significant, a door helps enclose property inside a house or room, thus providing security.

If you leave home and come back to meet a broken door, the first impression might be that thieves have broken in.

Therefore, having an easy-to-open, secure, and well-designed door is a great investment in a house.

So, Should You Add A Storm Or Screen Door To Your Mobile Home?

Here, the choice solely depends on the homeowner. Both a storm door and screen door are fit for a mobile home. However, the best choice is a combined screen and storm door to serve you effectively in all weather.

A storm door is the best for safety and wind protection, while the screen door is the best for protection against bugs and pests. The screen door also protects pets and small babies from going out unmonitored.

If you are installing a mobile home for the first time but do not know which door to use, this article will cover more about storm doors and screen doors to help you choose the best door.

What Is A Storm Door?

A storm door is one with layers; the interior layer is made of foam insulation, while the other two outer layers are made of hard material like aluminum or wood.

In some cases, a storm door can have a screen or glass panel.

The main purpose of a storm door is to enhance security.

Most mobile home storm doors typically have a latching or locking handle that offers added security to your property.

Additionally, you may also find some more advanced doors with features like hidden closers, retractable screens, or safety glass.

Apart from the features mentioned above, storm doors are designed to benefit the homeowner in many other ways.

The Five Storm Door Benefits

Before installing them on your house, it is advisable first to know what storm doors are, how they look, and their benefits.

1. Enhances Curb Appeal

If you opt for a storm door, there are many styles and colors that you can carefully relate to your home color.

Most storm door colors can fit in any color theme, but it is best if you have one that will perfectly rhyme with your house theme color.

A carefully selected door design and color will create a creative entryway that enhances the curb appeal.

A beautiful and appealing door will raise the value of your house, and that is why most mobile homeowners prefer replacing the old doors with new, better ones.

2. Improves Security

If you need to improve your home’s security, you can install storm doors.

This is mainly because storm doors do not display what is inside the house to the outsiders and are generally hard to break.

They offer the security needed by acting as a barrier for any intruder wishing to break into your house.

You can also open the front door without affecting the security barrier, giving you the courage to open it for a stranger.

Some storm doors with tempered safety glass and aluminum frames are designed to last longer while offering continuous protection and security.

Of all the storm door materials, stainless steel is considered the best for security matters.

A storm door with a hidden lock can make it very challenging for even the most experienced burglars to break into your house.

3. Blocks Insects And Dirt From getting Inside The House

Sometimes you may want to open the doors to get adequate light, but then think of the insects around.

Insects, rodents, and debris can easily settle on your property.

Controlling such debris can be challenging, and the thought of it can prevent you from opening doors.

However, you can choose to install a storm door with glass panels.

The glass will let in the proper light and enhance air circulation in your house. This way, you will not be worried about some unwanted pesky creature or debris and dust getting inside the house.

4. Improved Insulation

A storm door is considered the best with an additional insulation layer, especially regarding heat preservation.

The door has a tight seal to prevent drafts from entering the house.

They can therefore help regulate the temperatures of a mobile home, especially during the cold seasons.

Even if you do not have another insulation in the house, the door insulation can help you greatly. However, it is important to back up the door insulation by insulating the entire house.

5. Weather Protection

A storm door can protect you from harsh weather, which is practically hard and heavy.

Some strong winds, snow, hailstones, and heat can damage a light door or even break it. But with the weight and firmness of a storm door, no weather can easily damage it.

What Is A Screen Door?

As the name suggests, a screen door is a door that has a screen on it.

You can find a screen door made of aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl, or wood frames and sidings with a screen as the main surface of the door.

The major purpose of a mobile door is to keep insects and bugs from getting inside the house.

It has several other benefits that make it suitable for a mobile home.

The Seven Screen Door Benefits

Here are some of the common benefits of having a screen door.

1. Keeps Bugs And Insects Away

This is literally the greatest and most well-known reason for installing a screen door. There are no insects or bugs that can penetrate the glass and get inside the house.

2. Keep Pets And Children Indoors

A screen door allows light and air even when closed. This way, your pets and children can remain safely indoors and enjoy the natural light.

3. Improves Overall Appearance Of The House

Most screen doors are naturally beautiful and have great designs that improve home appearance. A screen door will blend perfectly in any home color theme and aesthetic design.

4. Easy To Install

Putting up a screen door is considered easy because it requires less effort and few materials. However, you should have enough expertise and care when installing the door because most such doors are fragile.

5. Protects The Home From Outside Elements

Elements like dust, pesky insects, and bugs may not get a chance to get in your home if you have installed a screen door.

6. Allows Fresh Air

Even when closed, the door allows in natural air, allowing you to enjoy the environment’s freshness while enclosed inside the house.

Which Is Better: Storm Or Screen Door?

Whether you choose a storm or screen door, you will still get endless benefits.

However, if you want a door that will last longer and be efficient and effective in all seasons, choose a combined storm and screen door.

This way, you will enjoy all the benefits that come with a screen door as well as those that come with a storm door.

While doing so, make sure you pick a door that has the best combination in terms of color theme and design.