What Are The Pros And Cons Of Having A Coffee Table?

A coffee table is one of the necessities that make a living space attractive and more valuable.

Even though some people eat off the coffee tables, it is usually uncomfortable because of their height.

Before you purchase a coffee table, one of the questions that will ring your mind is….

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Owning A Coffee Table?

Like any other piece of furniture, coffee tables have their downsides and benefits that should be considered. One of the pros of a coffee table is that it makes the living space appear larger and organized. On the other side, coffee tables easily get in the way and cause minor accidents.

With a coffee table, you can have several things that you find handy as you relax on the couch. You can stash just anything, from the remote control, magazines, books, and any other item you need near you as you watch a movie or while socializing in the living space.

This article will cover both the pros and cons of a coffee table to help you make a sound decision before purchasing.

Twelve Coffee Table Pros

1. Various Designs And Styles

Coffee tables are made in different designs, materials, and sizes to suit your specifications.

You can choose from several assortments of coffee tables, one that fits your color scheme, taste, and décor.

2. Stable Countertop Surfaces

The countertops are very sturdy and suitable to give your morning or evening cup of coffee a stable surface.

You are sure that nothing will spill out or fall when carefully placed on the coffee table.

3. Versatility

A coffee table is not just used to hold coffee cups; it can serve many other purposes in a home.

Most people use a coffee table to hold the things they consider handy while relaxing or working from the couch.

Things like magazines, remote control, newspapers, phones, and even laptops can be temporarily kept on the coffee table.

4. Easy To Clean

When you accidentally spill off drinks on the table, you can easily wipe them up without leaving stains or any damage to the table.

5. Simple To Maintain

Basically, there are fewer or no maintenance practices you need to perform on a coffee table.

Just make sure kids do not scrub or scratch the surface.

If it is made of glass, you should avoid putting heavy substances on top because the glass can easily crack.

6. Durable

Coffee tables are mostly made of durable materials like marble, wood, or glass.

A coffee table may not crack or break when well taken care of and can last for 10-20 years.

7. Makes The Living Space Appear Larger

If you have a small living room, an oval coffee table is an automatic, simple, and excellent solution.

The rounded corners provide additional space to navigate the room, making it appear quite spacious.

A coffee table makes a room appear bigger than it is in the real sense, provided that you can move the table around.

8. Enhances Interior Design And Décor

A coffee table with lines adds a sharp visual interest to the living room.

With its open-out spaces under the tabletop, it breaks the monotonous appearance of heavy sofas and coaches around it.

This helps enhance the appearance and interior design of the room.

9. Easy To Paint

A coffee table is easy to paint to make it align with the décor and color scheme of the house and other interior furniture.

You can still change the color of your coffee table anytime you are doing major retouches on your interior design.

Wood coffee tables are the easiest to repaint as they require minimal care when handling.

1O. Enhances Formality

Coffee tables are considered to be more formal than ottomans.

The coffee tables can also be used in offices in the waiting room or boardrooms to serve visitors some coffee as they await being served officially.

11. Highly Available

Coffee tables are simple to design and make; therefore, they can be found basically anywhere in the market, supermarkets, or furniture stores.

They are usually available in many sizes to fit in small or large living spaces appropriately.

12. Helps Fill-Up Empty Space In The House

A coffee table might be the best solution when you want to fill up the open space in the living room.

In most cases, a coffee table is suitable to fill the space in the center of the living room.

By filling up space, a coffee table enhances the orderliness of your room.

Seven Coffee Table Cons

1. Weight

Most coffee tables are wood, metal, or metal or wood base with a glass top. All these materials are heavy to move around the house.

You will need a helping hand at some point for you to move a coffee table from one place to another without damaging it.

2. Can Make A Room Appear Overcrowded

If you have a small living room, having a coffee table makes it appear crowded.

A coffee table should have some space for easy movement, which may be challenging to create in a small-sized room.

3. Can Easily Get Scratches

Since the coffee tables are heavy, when the user tries to lift them, it may cause scratches on the flooring.

The tabletop can easily get scratches, especially if you have unmonitored kids in the house who play in the living room.

4. Not Safe For Children

If you have babies in the home, they will easily get hurt especially if they like playing in the living room.

Some coffee tables have sharp edges that easily cut a child’s delicate skin while playing near them.

5. May Not Store Heavy Things

Some coffee tables consist of storage units under the tabletop where you can permanently store some items.

However, this storage space cannot hold large and heavy items.

6. Can Get In The Way

A coffee table can easily get in the way, and you will eventually bang into it.

Considering that it is made of strong materials, you will obviously get hurt.

7. Glass Coffee Tables Are Prone To Damage

Glass tables are highly fragile and can be broken easily when mishandled.

Such tables are also prone to water rings, which easily damage the finish of the coffee table.

The most frequently hurt body parts could be the knee, toes, or shin.

Should You Have A Coffee Table In Every Living Room?

It is not necessary to have a coffee table in every living room.

It all depends on the value the table will add to the room and your financial ability to purchase one.

Basically, no rule states that every living room must have a coffee table, but if you can afford to buy and feel you have enough space to occupy it, you can purchase coffee tables for every living room.

You can also opt not to buy a coffee table for every room but just have one or two in the master living room.


Having a coffee table is a good home interior space organization decision.

With a coffee table, you can ensure everything you need is in close proximity as you relax on the couch or watch a movie with friends and family.

Like any other item you put in your home, coffee tables have pros and cons that may help you decide to buy or not.

Hope this article will guide you to make sound decisions concerning owning a coffee table.