Why Do Mobile Homes Get So Cold During the Winter? (4 REASONS!)

Winter comes with a lot of colds.

And you must prepare your mobile home very well for it. It can be tough to survive during winter.

But even after putting in place measures to keep cold at bay, you can still feel some cold in your mobile home.

So, Why Do Mobile Homes Get So Cold During the Winter?

Mobile homes get so cold in winter for many reasons, including poor ventilation, thermal imbalances, and insufficient insulation. There are other reasons your mobile home can get too cold in winter.

That is why we have compiled this article to help you understand why your mobile home is getting too cold and provide applicable remedies.

Four Reasons Why Your Mobile Home Gets So Cold During Winter

1. Inadequate Insulation

All manufactured homes typically have the finest insulation.

But in some cases, some homes lack proper insulation, which becomes a great problem during winter.

Depending on the geographical area that you live in, there are three major thermal zones.

This may affect the level of insulation in your mobile home.

The current inconsistencies in seasonal weather balances require you to have ideal ventilation during hot months and proper insulation during summer.

The result is a compromise on the quality of insulation which can lead to extreme cold in the home.

Also, the need to remodel during such changes can damage your insulation.

That is why it is recommended to get a professional to help insulate your mobile home whenever you make any changes.

A little spot that allows entry of cold air can have devastating consequences on the home’s temperatures.

Age is another factor that affects the insulation of a mobile home.

Insulation materials age with time.

After a period of about 10 to 20 years, insulation materials will start falling off gradually. This can open up many air entries into the rooms.

2. Thermal Transfer Can Make Your Mobile Home Cold

As per physics principle, warm air moves to cold and vice versa.

This thermal transfer is what always pushes the warm air out of the homes and allows cold air in. there are several air gabs in every home, no matter how hard you try to seal them up.

It is these gaps that allow air directly into the mobile home.

The cooling effect is initiated by thermal transfer, which is good but perhaps very unsuitable during the ravages of winter months.

Depending on your insulation’s effectiveness, heat from your mobile home moves out by thermal transfer through the windows, floors, walls, roof, and even the floor.

You can never be utterly successful in warding off cold air that gets in through thermal transfer.

Thermal transfer is a good mechanism that balances the temperatures of your room.

But you can tighten the insulation to ensure that little cold air gets into your mobile home.

3. Heat Loss Through the Windows

If parts of a mobile home let in a lot of cold air during winter, it has to be the windows.

Besides, these same windows allow heat loss from your mobile home.

To mitigate this immense heat loss, you can try using thermal glass, thermal drapes, blinds, and double glazing.

Another trick is to check your windows to ensure the frames are in excellent condition.

Any leakage spots should be repaired before the onset of winter to keep cold air at bay.

4. Poor Heating Systems

Heating systems are a prerequisite in mobile homes situated in cold climatic regions where winter cold is extreme.

If these heating systems fail, your mobile home will plunge into the cold. Temperatures in the house will drop rapidly and make life very difficult.

Hot air systems are currently some of the most effective and equally durable heating systems for regular and mobile homes.

To ensure that they are up and working, you must maintain them.

Execute routine checkups to make sure that they are operating in good condition.

To consume minimum energy and supply your mobile home with ideal levels of heat energy, the heating system you choose to invest in should match the capacity of your mobile home.

Seven Signs That Your Mobile Home Is Too Cold

During winter, you can hardly tell the extremity of cold in your mobile home.

Here Are Typical Signs That Your Mobile Home Is Too Cold:

1. Excessive Energy Bills

Mobile home systems tend to consume a lot of heat to maintain your rooms’ temperatures at comfortable levels.

However, if the home is too cold, these systems equally scale up the energy they consume to produce more heat and war the houses.

Consequently, you will experience a sudden upsurge in energy bills.

This indicates that your mobile home is getting too cold. It is up to you to conduct a thorough inspection to root out the cause of such conditions.

If there are air leakages anywhere, ensure they are sealed off.

2. Varying Temperatures in The Rooms

If you experience a unique change in temperatures from one room to the next, there is no doubt your mobile home is getting cold.

However, the temperatures in the home are stable, and you expect an equally consistent and uniform temperature throughout the rooms.

3. Cold Winds Blowing on The Floor or Near the Ceilings

This clearly indicates that your mobile home has a leak, a hole, or a crack somewhere.

Check the floor areas near the walls and ceilings to pinpoint potential cracks that are leaking in cold air.

They should be sealed immediately to reverse your room’s temperature to normalcy.

4. Frozen Pipes

Freezing of pipes is not an uncommon scenario in mobile homes built in winter regions.

The frequency and extent of freezing indicate how cold your mobile home is getting.

Frozen pipes inside the home are a key indicator of air leakages in your home.

You have to look around for such leakage areas and seal them before things get out of hand.

5. Damp and Cold Walls

If the inside walls of your mobile home are getting seriously damp and cold, it means your home is getting extremely cold.

The degree of this dampness usually depends on the extent of cold outside the house and your home heating system.

6. Warm Walls on The Outside

If you want to know that your house is losing a lot of heat and getting cold, feel the outside parts of the walls.

If they are warm and the inside walls are cold, it means your mobile home loses a lot of heat. This will make it very cold.

7. If You Feel Extreme Cold

In case you feel extremely cold in the house, there is every chance your mobile home has a leak or any other issue that might make it too cold.

Final Words

Though cold is inevitable in homes located in winter zones, sheer extremes of it can make life very uncomfortable in mobile homes.

Implementing the right measures to curb intense cold is the surest way to survive through the winter months.

Also, as mentioned in this article, you need to understand key indicators of extreme cold in your mobile home.