Why Does Your Mobile Home Make Cracking And Popping Noises?

It is terrifying to wake in the mid of the night to horrible noises emanating from under your mobile home.

Any raucous scuffing below your home can interrupt with a sweet evening you want to find out the cause.

Once you know it, you can bring in a solution.

So, Why Does Your Mobile Home Make Cracking And Popping Noises?

Many things can create a noisy situation in your mobile home. the space under it can be a welcome home for many strangers like small animals. The structure of the room, wire connections can also be the cause among others.

Find more about these noises, how to combat them, and other ideas in the following sections of this article. Keep reading.

Is It Normal For A Mobile House To Crack And Creak?

If you are currently experiencing creaking, cracking, and popping sounds in your mobile home, you are questioning yourself bout the integrity of the house’s structure.

Thermal expansion and contraction make the home crack and creak. That is normal.

Temperature changes affect the expansion and contraction of the soil. This order of events can cause cracking.

While it is normal for all houses to crack and creak, the degree of noise itself should raise an alarm for correction to be made.

What Can Cause Cracking And Popping Noises In Your Mobile Home?

The first step in solving a problem is, of course, identifying the epicenter.

You must, therefore, find what makes all disturbing noise in your home.

Here is a comprehensive list of the commonest causes of cracking and popping noise in mobile homes.

1. Animals

Small animals like rats and mice can find and make a home in the space under your mobile home.

Because they are so daring and destructive, they like chewing anything they lay their teeth on.

They could also be burrowing under your home to create more space or to make pathways.

Whether it is metal or plastic materials, they grind them down like machines. The noise they make is equally irritating and can ruin your quality time at home.

You want to get under the structure and oust them as soon as possible.

The worst part of it is that such animals like popping and tapping at night.

You may find it very difficult to chase them out in the dark of the night. So, you can imagine how long the night is going to be with all that disturbing noise.

Mice and rats can never content themselves with making horrible noise at your home.

Once they set foot in your home, they will begin making pathways on the walls, rushing from place to place, and making huge nests for themselves between the walls and insulation.

They could potentially bring down the structure of your home. Leave alone the disturbing noise.

How Can You Handle The Rat And Animal Problem?

The first step you can take to remove those terrible creatures is to carry out an investigation.

Find out their entrances and the degree of damage they have accomplished.

From there, it is advisable to call the animal control team.

They will come in and help you clear the place of all rodents’ infestation hence restoring order and sanity in your home.

If you cannot do it yourself, the animal control team can effectively oust them with effective methods.

They know the most effective trapping and poisoning methods. Once the place is cleared of these animals, it can then be repaired.

This time, ensure that it is properly sealed to avoid another influx.

Those irritating creatures seem to like a place where their rascals have had a home before.

Whatever the reason, you must ensure that the underside of your mobile home is extremely secure.

2. Plumbing Irregularities

Any poorly connected pipes and leaks can be an epicenter of a cracking and popping sound in your home.

You may find out that when you flush your toilet the pipes down there begin to bang.

This could be true for dishwashers or other faucets in your rooms.

Cracking sound from the pipes can also be due to the pipes reacting to a change in temperature.

How to Correct Noise from Plumbing Problems

Such noises can be much easier to identify compared with animals’ sounds.

The tough part lies with correction. Plumping lines thump very loudly when you are executing an installation.

The best you can do to reverse the situation to normal is call professional plumber.

They have the expertise to fix any faulty parts of your pipes.

You do not want to touch the pipes yourself if you are not capable. An issue with water pipes can turn into a horrible situation if not handled properly.

3. Air Spaces And Ducts In Your Mobile Home

Another major cause of cracking and popping noise in your mobile home can be ducts and spaces.

In circumstances where your electricity bills are surging upwards can be due to the existing temperatures. Cold can create tapping sounds in the ducts.

Just like in plumbing, variations in temperatures can cause the ductworks to expand and contract.

That is exactly where the cracking and tapping sound comes from.

So, the problem can be seasonal but equally disturbing.

Or the ducts can rattle when some pressure is applied on them especially when you are walking over.

How Can You Solve Ducts Problem?

Any issue with ducts in your mobile home calls for a professional.

But first, you might want to crawl under the house to assess the degree of the damage.

A professional will come in and seal all faulty areas. They may also require tighter fastening.

4. Damaged Parts Of The House’s Structure

Sometimes, the cracking sound can be due to a compromised part of the house structure.

If your home is made of wood and has stayed for a long time, some parts may have been damaged over time.

Water is a major destructive concern.

It can eat the wooden parts. When you walk over such parts, a creaking noise is heard.

In other cases, perhaps the joints, screws, and nuts used to fasten the room are getting loose.

Loose joints can cause a lot of unbearable noise when pressure is applied to them.

Just not to mention that you should start worrying about the safety of your room.

How Can You Solve Noise Problem From Damaged Parts?

Well, there is no better solution than fixing such parts.

Where screws and nuts are becoming loose, a fastening procedure must be arranged as soon as possible.

The noise alone should not be worrying you here.

Your safety and that of your family and everybody else in the building are greatly jeopardized.

You must act swiftly. And since you do not want to bet with your house and your own life, you have to call in a professional to fix everything.

Wrapping Up

You can never be comfortable where there are strange sounds and noises.

It is the most irritating thing you ever want to experience.

Cracking and popping sounds in mobile homes must be analyzed and corrected as soon as you start hearing them.

It is often a good idea to carry out such corrections to avoid massive and destructive impacts.

Help restore sanity in your mobile home and live a worthwhile life.

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