Is It OK To Put a Crib Near a Window? (DON’T! – THREE REASONS)

You might be attempting to set up the perfect nursery or just trying to come up with a way of fitting your baby’s crib in your bedroom.

Both of these decisions call for critical thinking for they are determinants of how safe and comfortable your baby is going to be.

So, Is It OK To Position Your Baby’s Crib Near A Window?

Among the reasons given by the pediatricians, in support of the ‘no’ answer are:

1. Babies Can Fall Out Of The Window

Toddlers and babies grow and learn to climb, and their curiosity as to what is on the outside might seduce them into trying to go there, and they might fall through the window.

The danger is elevated if the room your baby is in is not on the ground floor.

Stanford Children’s Health, a part of Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in Stanford, states that injuries resulting from window falls reported every year in the United States are over 3,000 for children below the age of five years.

They recommend keeping climbing surfaces and cribs away from the windows as one way of preventing these injuries.

2. Cords Elevate The Risk Of Strangulation

Newer versions of window coverings are getting into compliance with voluntary safety standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States, aimed at reducing the probability of strangulation.

This, however, still leaves a significant window for the unfortunate chance when a baby can reach and pull cords from draperies and blinds.

Toddlers and babies can find themselves entangled easily in long pull cords and those between horizontal blinds’ slats.

You can avoid this by installing cord cleats which can wrap the cords properly, preventing the young children from reaching on to them when on the floor.

This can however be compromised if you place by placing a crib near the window, which will give an ease reach to the toddlers, allowing them to unwrap them.

If there are window coverings in your home that have cords, it is advisable that you keep any climbable form of furniture from them, most importantly in rooms where your baby is sleeping and you do not watch them all the time.

3. Window Treatments Can Fall On Your Baby

The hardware used to hold your curtains is not designed to withstand too much weight, independent of how well the blinds or curtain rods might have been installed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that about 50% of child injuries related to window blinds occurred when something fell on them.

Young children should not be allowed to hang on or pull coverings of the window. You can prevent this by placing the baby crib away from the windows.

Since long curtains also pose a risk of suffocation, the American Academy of Pediatrics’ advice is that babies should be put to sleep with no soft bedding or objects.

Curtains do not make part of the bedding, and they don’t hang in the crib, but the crib being close enough to the window allows babies to pull the curtains into the crib which creates a hazard.

Can The Crib Be Placed Against The Wall?

Joshua Bartlett, writing on Natural Baby Life, advises that the most convenient place to put your child’s crib is against the wall, and away from any vent.

Generally, this is the place of perfect safety, provided that you check to ensure no other hazards are around. Some of the other hazards to take into consideration are:

1. Draperies And Cords

You should place the crib at a distance of about one foot from the windows.

2. Power Outlets

You should use safe plates for all power outlets in the room or have them covered.

3. Shelves Or Heavy-Wall Décor

It would be best to hung all forms of décor using the proper hardware while making regular checks to ensure it has not gotten loose.

It is essential to avoid hanging any heavy thing above the crib to prevent injuries that can occur if the unfortunate instance of the décor falling.

4. Other Furniture

Once your baby starts climbing, it is recommended that you place the crib about one foot from other forms of furniture to avoid them being trapped in-between or reaching items.

It Is Okay To Hang Things Above Your Baby’s Crib?

It has been well established that hanging of heavy shelves or any other forms of décor above the crib is potentially dangerous.

Even those that have been perfectly mounted have the probability of falling, mostly when your baby is tall enough to hang on or pull it.

Some of the other things you should avoid hanging are crib gyms, decorative drapes and glassed picture frames. Some of the things that are safe to hang above the crib are:

1. Mural Or Wall Décor

This is the safest form of decoration above the crib, as you can match it to any theme in addition to it not being so expensive.

2. Crib Mobile

This should be attached securely to the rail of the crib, a ceiling or a wall, out of the reach of the baby, and should be taken away at five months or when the baby starts to sit up.

3. Simple Art Or Glassless Picture Frames

They should not be very heavy and should be hung out of the reach of the baby. Wall art should be hung properly and the crib taken few inches away from the wall in case they fall.

Where In The Room Should You Place The Crib?

Getting the perfect place might be a hard task, especially when trying to avoid such hazards as outlets and windows. Some of the great options should pay some considerations are:

1. Next To The Door

This means you will not need to stumble around with the potential of tripping some other furniture over when you want to get to your child at night.

It also implies that your baby is in a close position that is easy to reach in times of an emergency.

2. Diagonally In The Corner

This helps to keep the sides of the crib away from the walls, which is very helpful if your house has many windows and outlets.

It also makes it easy for you to get to your baby from both sides of the crib if your baby rolls out of reach.

3. Middle Of The Room

This way of placement places your baby as the room’s focal point, while at the same time keeping them safe from potential hazards.

It alleviates worries about outlets or windows and gives you the freedom to decorate as your heart sees fit.

It also gives you the ability to make consideration for appealing cribs that round or oval in shape.


Placing a crib near an outlet or a window is a bad idea, but that is no implication that decorating the nursery will be complicated.

Following of some safety precautions for the safety of your baby will still give you the chance to make the nursery into that Pinterest dream.


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