What To Do With Old Electronics

4 Productive Ideas On What To Do With Old Electronics

Electronics and electric appliances surely do make our lives better as they provide us with entertainment, improve our comfort levels and increase convenience in our day-to-day lives. However, some of our most adored pieces of electronics get old or obsolete with time. When doing some spring cleaning you can be left wondering what to do with them especially if you no longer use them. Of course, you have the right to stash them up in your junkyard, dump them in the trash bin, or do other things with them since they are part of your property. Other people prefer reselling them to another person as a second hand; return them to the manufacturer for refurbishing or even recycling. However, here are some incredible ideas on what to do with old electronics, for your perusal and analysis before deciding on how to handle them.

Repurpose/Reuse Devices or Their Old Parts

One of the best ways to handle your old electronics or their parts is giving them a new purpose or task. For instance, you could turn your old home computer or parts of your dead laptop into a web server with a little of tech and creativity. For old electronic devices such as mobile phones, you can easily turn them into a portable audio or radio player. Some earlier generation smartphones can also do well when turned into gaming devices, alarm clocks, and such other purposes. This way, you can easily stay entertained even when your new phone or electronic gadget cuts power. As a matter of fact, you get to save your device from overuse by repurposing old devices. Parts of electronics such as motherboards, computer RAM memory, and hard drives can also be suitable for reuse. You can also decide to up-cycle your old electronics, which is actually the process of finding a new completely different use for it.

Donate Your Old Devices

There another way you can treat old devices is by donating it to a friend, relative, or giving it away to a complete stranger. You can also dispose of some of the electronics from your junkyard to charity. Some charity organizations actually do receive such gifts, repair any damaged ones and convert them into working implements. Just because it looks old and outdated for you doesn’t always mean that another person will have no use for it. Actually, someone may be in dire need for such an item that you are thinking of disposing of in the garbage.

Sell or Trade Them for Gift Cards

There are numerous sites online where you can also sell your old electronics, especially if they are in working condition. These include sites such as eBay, Craigslist, and FreeCycle, among others. The another way is to sell the item to a friend at a giveaway price to get your return on investment. Some online stores allow you to trade old items such as furniture and electronics in return for gift cards and shopping coupons.

Recycle Your Old Electronics

Last but not least, you may want to consider recycling your dead or old electronic item. In most states, there are recycling stations or stores that are committed to ensuring old items are handled or disposed of properly, especially with the main aim of protecting the environment from toxic waste buildup. In case you are from the US, the USEPA or environmental protection agency is the larger responsible body concerned with safe recycling of electronic gadgets and many other manufactured products apart from consumer electronics. When you deliver your old gadget to the EPA for safe recycling, you can rest assured with a peace of mind that you played part in making our environment better.

What to Do With Old Electronics: Summary

In general, most, if not all electronics or their parts can be recycled, reused, donated, traded, or upcycled as opposed to dumping them in the garbage. Especially for devices that are still in good working condition, donating, repurposing, or reusing can be the best ways to go. So what are you waiting for, get on your junkyard or garage store and find a creative use for that piece of old electronic that is lying there unused? Someone somewhere may be in great need for it.

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