Mobile Home Plumbing

Tips And Tricks To Resolve Your Mobile Home Plumbing Issues

Mobile homes are a convenient and cost effective way to own a home without draining too much cash. They are prefabricated and are convenient to install at various places. These are factory made instead of being made at site. Having an understanding of basic home repairs can help families save money and time. These basic tips ensure that there is no need to rely on a professional for basic repair. Moreover, as the old saying goes, timely fixing of issues can prevent further problems and also considerable money.

Some basic info can help people fix their mobile home plumbing issues. It could be a leaky tap or a pipe. Timely fixing of plumbing issues saves water and electrical costs associated with it. A leaky tap is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and germs. Leaving it unattended for some time may result in risk of infection to younger members of the family. Apart from this, fixing plumbing problems yourself can save you costs associated with a plumber. Hence, it is a good idea to learn basic mobile home plumbing. Following are some tips to help you with this:

a) Identifying leaks: Leaks are the most common plumbing problems. Some leaks may be small and may not result in much problem while some leaks can flood your mobile home. Examine the root cause and fix it. If it is at a joint, tighten it. If it is due to a faulty pipe, get the measurement and replace it with a new one.

b) Unclogging a Drain- A clogged drain is a common problem faced by many households. A clog is a major problem. Debris, food particles, hair and other insoluble substances can cause a major clogging in many pipes. It is advised to clean pipes and drains regularly to avoid major blocks. A simple way to unclog a drain is to mix equal portions of sodium bicarbonate and vinegar and put it down the clogged drain. It is advised to leave the mixture for a few hours before letting the water. One should be careful of the mixture and avoid contact with skin and eyes because fumes result from the chemical reaction. This basic exercise can help in most problems of clogged drains.

c) Replacing toilet seal: This is a simple task and can be performed effectively by beginners. The seal is a gasket made of wax and rests on the bottom of the toilet. This seal can help in protecting the floor. First the water supply should be shut. Then, the toilet should be flushed a couple of times to empty the water. A big sponge can be used to remove the remaining water from the bowl and tank. Gently remove the nuts and remove the old seal. Clean the remaining parts of the old seal. Place the new seal and place it on the flange. Lift the toilet and place it appropriately. Reconnect the bolts and other parts which were removed. Turn on the water supply and flush after a couple of hours. Examine for any leaks and apply silicone at the junction. Wash yourself with good anti-microbial solution.

d) Replacing pipes: Pipes need to be replaced regularly due to various problems. Common issues include leaks, condensation or sweating. Condensation occurs when the water inside is much colder than the atmospheric air. It is a good idea to replace pipes affected due to condensation and insulate them with plastic pipes to prevent any future problems.

These are simple issues which can be started off by a beginner. The DIY approach to plumbing will help a household and as time progresses, one can learn advanced plumbing skills. It may also be a good idea to enroll in a basic plumbing course. The benefits of plumbing skills will come handy for a lot of years. For any serious problems, it might be a good idea to consult a good plumber or plumbing service company.

The following basic tools can help you in your plumbing endeavors:

a) Pipe Wrench: This is a multi-purpose tool helpful in tightening, loosening and removing various parts like nuts, bolts and taps. It is an adjustable tool capable of working with parts of different sizes.

b) Screwdriver: Screwdriver sets of different sizes can be of great use in your plumbing activities.

c) Joint compound: It is a substance used to seal joints and can be helpful in fixing minor leakage problems.

Other equipment and material can be bought depending on the specific requirement. Follow these basic tips to help you with mobile home plumbing.

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