Telephone Wall Jacks

Vital Tips When Replacing Telephone Wall Jacks

When you are planning to put up or replace your telephone wall jacks, the best spot to start is usually the demarcation point between your personal wiring and that of the telephone company. Generally, telephone jacks can get spoilt from time to time and end up causing intermittent reception, static or no dial tone at all. In the event that your phone is not working, the problem would either be with the phone itself or your jack. However, before you spend money on new phone or even hire an electrician to come and find out what the problem is, there are certain simple things you can do to confirm the kind of repairs you need to perform.

The first thing you need to do is to unplug all other phones or fax machines around the house and then test your phone in the potentially bad or dysfunctional. If the phone works, then the problem does lie elsewhere. You should continue trying out other jacks until you locate where the problem lies. Alternatively, you should try connecting a new base cord from the problem jack to the phone since the cord itself can easily get damaged. If the phone functions, then that was your problem and it stands fixed at that point.

You can also test the phone on a different jack that’s been tested and found to be functional. If your phone works elsewhere but doesn’t work when you fix it to that particular jack and you have already tested the code and found it working, then you should go ahead and get a new jack.

However, you may find that you have only one jack in your home, making it difficult to test the phone elsewhere and isolate the problem. In such a case, you should go outside to the ONI (Outside Network Interface) box that connects the phone line to your home. The unit is usually near the power meter and has a grey phone cord running into the house. Once you have found it, open the panel that’s been labeled “customer or client access”, you should then unplug the test plug and then plug your phone into where you have removed your test plug. You should be able to get a dial tone if the phone is functional. If you get this tone then the problem lies with your house and you should then contact an electrician to help you with the installation of a new phone jack.

It is important to note that contrary to popular belief, replacing a spoilt phone jack is not as difficult or complicated. Just make sure you get the correct phone jack size, whenever possible, try and get a similar phone jack than the one you have. For easy installation, get a jack that’s color coded. Using a screwdriver, slowly remove the jack from the wall and if the ends of the wire look discolored or brittle, just snip them off.

Here are some of the more popular and common telephone wall jacks readily available in the market. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: American Tack Wall Mount Phone Jack (Single)

Product Price: $41.71

Product URL:

Product Details: this silver colored wall phone mount is a standard outlet for wall mounted phones and measures 4.67 inches in height , 3 inches in width and 1 inch in depth. This is a four wire single units that’s easy to install, is durable and quite reliable as well. The unit is available in a wide variety of colors as well.

2) Product Name: Morris Stainless Wall Phone Jack

Product Price: $7.04

Product URL:

Product Details: this is a stainless steel wall phone jack, this high-grade stainless steel wall phone plate does give the unit a finished look. The unit has a 4 conductor RJ 11 connection unit and is easy to install and replace as well. The unit is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, making it a perfect addition to almost any home.

3) Product Name: Eagle Aspen 3 GHz Phone Jack with One Modular 6P/4C phone jack

Product Price: $8.77

Product URL:

Product Details: this 3GHz Wall plate with an F-81 connector and phone jack is white in color and is also available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, making it ideal for use in many homes as well. It is easy to install and maintain as well.

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