Shower Stalls For Small Bathrooms

Shower Stalls For Small Bathrooms For Mobile Homes

When shopping for shower stalls for small bathrooms it is important to take into consideration lots of factors. One of the main factors worth consideration is usually the space. If the current stall is fitted in a recess, then you will be forced to replace it with a similar one, if it was in a corner, you can opt to get a rectangular or square stall that’s either the same size or larger.

It is also important to take into consideration the full range of available surfaces such as those lined with stone, with acrylic panel or tiled. When it comes to choosing a color, it is advisable to choose a color that complements the bathroom décor, if you are unsure, always keep it white.

For those with small spaces, here are examples of beautiful and easy to install shower stalls for small bathrooms. They include but are not limited to the following:

1) Product Name: Aquatic 32 inch by 32 inch by 76 inch shower stall

Product Price: $ 365.00

Product URL:

Product Details: made for quick and easy installation. This is a perfect fit for tight and small spaces. It does have sections which easily interlock, giving it a seamless fit without the need for caulking, clips or special brackets. It is made from a highly durable composite material that’s not only strong but also quite durable. It does have very smooth walls which have a high gloss finish and multiple integral soap shelves. It does also have pre-leveled base and a slip resistant and well textured bottom for user safety.

2) Product Name: 32 inch by 32 inch by 70 1/2 inch Corner Shower Kit

Product Price: $ 389.00

Product URL:

Product Details: specifically designed to be used in areas where space is limited. It is easy install since it does install using adhesive. Its clean white finish does fit in with many other décor styles and is sold inclusive with a clear tempered glass panels and doors, a heavy duty aluminum frame and a heavy duty shower base. The shower stall does have four shelves, a towel bar and a three piece wall set for additional convenience. It is without doubt a strong and durable shower stall that’s ideal for any manufactured home. It is sold with a limited one year warranty.

3) Product Name: 32 inch by 32 inch by 75 inch Shower stall with standard base

Product Price: $ 163.71

Product URL:

Product Details: this model 68 Durastall shower is a knock down shower which comes in a box which can be easily taken through doorways or up and down stairs. It must therefore be assembled and fastened together on site. The entire package does include a shower drain, a shower valve and a curtain. Once installed, the stall can stand on its own and does not need to be fastened on to the wall. It does have mildew and mold resistant components which include a safety railing which has molded in shampoo holder and soap dish. An optional shower door is available. It is also worth mentioning that the floor is slip resistant and also has a functional drain assembly: a PVC drain which should be connected to a two inch DWV, ABS or PVC pipe.

4) Product Name: Dream Line Solo 33 inches by 33 inches by 76 1/2  inches Sliding Shower Enclosure

Product Price: $ 1147.30

Product URL:

Product Details: the sliding shower door does provide very easy to access to the shower without requiring an inordinately large space. The shower base does incorporate a low profile design which gives the product a modern and sleek look. For added strength, the base has been reinforces by fiberglass and it is stain and scratch resistant. Both the shower base and shower panels are made from ABS/Acrylic advanced materials and is not only durable but is also attractive. The wall panels are designed just like tiles and are therefore quite easy to install. The stall is reversible for left or right door opening installation. With a frameless glass design, this stall has been designed for installation against finished walls and not direct installation to studs.

5) Product Name: Dream line Solo 31 3/8 inches by 31 3/8 inches by 72 inches Frameless Sliding shower stall

Product Price: $ 606.20

Product URL:

Product Details: this innovative design is an ideal solution where space is limited. The graceful lines fully accentuate the enclosure. The sliding door does provide users with a very comfortable entry and exit without demanding too much space: it does without doubt give a small bathroom that modern and sleek look without looking all crowded and crumbled up. It has anodized guide rails and profiles. To minimize instances of leakage, it is highly recommended that the shower head be installed opposite of the door opening and have it aimed at the fixed shower panel, tiled walls or floor. It can be installed as either a right or left door opening option. It is sold with a limited five year manufacturer warranty.

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