Mobile Home Window Pane Replacement

Mobile Home Window Pane Replacement – DIY Shopping And Installation Tips

Due to accidents or weather conditions, you may find that the windows to your mobile homes are damaged. Another common cause damage to a window is due to frequent opening and closing. This may allow dust and wind get into your house even if the windows are closed. Installing a mobile home window pane replacement might be the thing to solve this issue.

Shopping for the right mobile window

It is important to first consider the different options that are available when shopping for the types of windows to replace in your mobile home. For louvered glass windows, you have to decide if you want to replace them with the same style of windows or with sliding plush windows.

There are other things that should also be taken into consideration when doing market research. For instance, you should avoid window frames that have poor caulking or none at all. This is because they may lead to damage of the windows by by rain water or condensation.

Another important thing is to always choose vinyl frames. This is because they not only need less care, but also let in less heat or cold into the house. This is in comparison to aluminum frames.

Types of windows and hardware parts

Actually, there are lots of options regarding mobile home windows. A very common selection for most mobile homeowners is the double hung windows. Under double hung windows, there are those in which when open, the two panes will be against each other and the others in which these panes open separately outwards.

Another great option available for you as a mobile homeowner is the kind of windows that have double panes. The advantage of these types of windows is that they are more commonly found in the market.

Energy efficiency is another thing you want to consider while shopping for a window replacement. The best option under this category are storm windows because they not only add energy efficiency, but also comfort and beauty to your mobile home. An energy efficient home can lead to lower electric bills in the long run.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Remove the old window and measure it

This is to ensure that the window you are going to buy is exactly the same size as the one you’ve just removed. Buying a window that is slightly too big means that it won’t fit. On the other hand, a smaller window is likely to let in rain and dust into the mobile house.

At this point, you also need to check the way the old window was mounted. This is because it will make the installation process a bit easier as well as ensuring that your windows look exactly the same.

When removing the window, you will have to use a drill and remove all screws that held your window in place. After that, remove the window as well as its frames. The old screws should not be re-used. Chances are that they will be worn already. Just get new screws that are of similar length and diameter.

Step 2: Clear the sealant

This includes removing the old putty that is on the window frame. You may even need to use a wire brush to clean it. This is to ensure that all the old putty is gone. You can now start applying the new one onto the window frame. Apply double layers of putty at the top of opening so as to give an extra layer of protection from moisture.

Step 3: Inserting a new window

This is done by inserting a screw into the center hole on either side of the frame. Make sure that screws go in straight, although you shouldn’t fasten until all the screws are in place.

Step 4: Check for Square

Prior to inserting more screws, it is important to make sure that your window is square. This is to ensure that it can be opened or closed with no bending. Thereafter, you can insert the corner screws as well as any remaining ones and then fasten them all.

Step 5: Final Touches

Make sure you have run the sealant along the newly installed window especially where it meets the sliding. You can test it again just to make sure that it opens and closes without any bending.

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