Mobile Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Top Mobile Home Spring Cleaning Tips

When the holidays are over, days appear dull and long before the spring arrives. Homeowners can take time to spring clean their mobile homes for a new and clean look. The cleaning is extremely important, especially if your basic weekly cleaning routine is simply scratching the surfaces. This is because the season comes along with greener outdoors and fresher air that makes it necessary to beautify the indoor spaces. The process may appear overwhelming, although you can make it friendlier by preparing early. The following are some mobile home spring cleaning tips that will truly guide you through the process.

Come up with a plan

Spring cleaning can be quite tricky, especially without a proper plan. Making a plan will help you go beyond the usual scrubbing, vacuuming, mopping and dusting routine. You can make a simple plan by listing out every room of your mobile home without forgetting areas such as the laundry room, closets and utility room. Be sure to include tasks like moving and cleaning under and behind the furniture, cleaning the walls, baseboards and treating your windows. The plan will basically help you clean items that you don’t clean on regular basis.

Take your time

Spring cleaning usually happens once a year. It is therefore good to take your time and do it appropriately. Once you have the plan of the items you want to clean, you may re-think about the amount of time you may need to finish the project. You can set aside a weekend for the tasks, but it may not be enough. In this case, you can consider the classic divide and conquer technique. Go to your list and break every task to manageable chunks estimating how long each chunk will take. This will help you add the chunks to your daily routine to make sure you clean the entire house without burning out.

Get ready

This tip involves having all the supplies needed to undertake the cleaning tasks. The tasks aren’t that thrilling and they can be more annoying if you will have to stop to buy some supplies from the store. There are chances that you already have the basics that include vinyl cleaners for vinyl walls, all-purpose cleaners for everything from floors to walls and a glass cleaner for mirrors and windows. You will also need specialized cleaners such as wood oil, silver oil and over cleaner since you don’t use them frequently. In addition, you will require several tools from mops to brooms. You may need a pressure washer to clean the exterior vinyl or metal siding of your mobile home.

De-clutter first

It is always advisable to de-clutter and organize your mobile home before spring cleaning. Look at the items in your house and ask yourself whether you use them. This will ensure you don’t have unnecessary items in a sparkling clean home. At the same time you will have your keep’ items organized in a better way.

Wear protective clothing and start cleaning

Protect your hands when cleaning by wearing gloves and gumboots to keep irritating detergents away and avoid dry cracked skin. Dust before cleaning or vacuuming the floor. You can try lamb-wool or extended feather dusters to reach the corners and areas above the door casings and windows. Once you are ready, start cleaning from inside to outside and from top down for the dust brushed from higher surfaces to end up on the lower surfaces. Clean the lights, tops of cupboards and other things high up first before moving to the lower furnishings and the floor. This trick will prevent items that you have cleaned from getting dirty again.


Once the house is all cleaned up, be sure to brighten your mobile home with vases of cut spring flowers. Create a good indoor environment by using long lasting flowers which are favored by the spring. Give your clean home a new look with new bed sheets for the bedrooms, towels for the bathroom, mats for the floor and curtains to dress up every room. These changes will create a gorgeous new home that is well organized, cleaned and de-cluttered.

Using the items that your planning to discard as parts of a yard sale, can also be part of your spring cleaning routine.

With the above tips, you will be in a position to clean your manufactured home to get rid of the clutter and dust for a fresher and healthier environment. They will help you take the season as a creative break with an enjoyable chore. Be sure to consider the above tips and for sure, you will spring-clean your house easily without much hassle.

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