Mobile Home Setup Supplies

Mobile Home Setup Supplies: Top Tips To Setting Up Your Home

Setting up a new mobile home is never easy as many people may think of since it needs expertize as well as the right materials. In addition, the task needs many materials to enable you complete your home at the same time making it safer.

Remember that if you recently bought another new mobile home, then your dealer should have handled all set up at the same time installing for you all the things you need as part of purchase price. Contrary, if you bought used mobile home, which needs you to move it to another new location, then this information will help you make the best decision. This is definitely possible, but needs some simple skills and expertise to do this.

What are the types of supplies equipment need when setting-up a new mobile home?

1. Wedge: The wedge is used during setup the mobile home

2. Bottom Board-4 feet wide: Bottom board plastic, which is 16-feet wide and 80-feet long.

3. Split Bolt: This helps in twisting a frame strap into the required place.

4. Pier Pad 16″ X 16″: This helps in creating a level surface for the blocks as well as the weight spread over larger surface area.

5. 3/4″ x 30′ Putty Tape: Used in installing windows, vents and doors, this 3/4″x30′ Putty Tape is a perfect solution for mobile homeowners who want to make their lives much easier.

6. Zip Cap: Zip cap is designed to go the top of an anchor, which does not have a bell.

7. Construction Grade-Plastic Sheeting 100 Feet: This is used as a covering, barrier, or temporary tarp.

8. 150 Stabilizing Anchors: This 150 stabilizing anchors is used for tying down the mobile homes.

9. 100 Pier Pads: The100 Pier Pad for the campers, trailers, and manufactured homes

10. Stabilizing Anchor: A Stabilizing Anchor for the Mobile Home Manufactured Housing

The following is a procedure on how to set up a mobile home at a new site:

1. First, you need to obtain any vital permits for moving as well as setting your up a mobile home. Check the needed information with the local building inspector or a mobile home park manager before taking a step to set up your mobile home. In most of the areas, you will require the installation inspected before and after its completion.

2. Prepare your site for the set-up. This also include ensuring the ground is level at the same time installing any water, electrical, gas, and sewer lines needed. If your site does not have items, then you need to install them to help you to finish your installation. Make sure you contract a licensed contractor whenever you need the installation services.

3. Build footers for the foundation if you have not placed them in the right place. You have also to check the local code to confirm your foundation meets requirements of the area where you reside. Remember that we have areas that often need pier foundations while other may also need underpinning walls in order to come up with a solid foundation.

4. Move your mobile home in the right place. You should develop a ramp to support the weight of your home. The mobile homes can make the frames damaged by using curbs.

5. Secure mobile home using hydraulic jacks to give it support while building the foundation. Never attempt to use the mechanical jacks since they may cause collapse of the weight when building the foundation. All jacks needs to be shored to guarantee safety while building the foundation.

6. Remove axles as well as hitch. These items should be recycled or just saved. This depends of whether you will be moving to your home again.

7. Construct the foundation. Irrespective of whether you need piers or an underpinning wall, it is important to build piers under your mobile home since it might bear that significant weight load.

8. Lower your home from jacks onto piers. Make sure you don’t remove jacks since they are vital in leveling your home.

9. Check interior floor of your home to make sure you have a level floor. If the floor is not level, you can use a jack to ease load on your foundation pier. The place shims in between undercarriage and pier of mobile home to correct this issue.

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