Keep A Dog From Digging In Flower Beds

How To Keep A Dog From Digging In Flower Beds

In addition to being man’s best friend, dogs are one of the most important canines in existence.

Dogs make a wonderful pet, not forgetting that it can guard you and your property.

They are quite helpful in policing activities as sniffers too.

In fact, dogs have helped unravel hundreds of thousands if not millions of criminal activities and events world over.

Enough with the awesome benefits of dogs, you get the general idea.

However, dogs tend to love playing in the backyard. Sometimes things can get messy when your dog suddenly starts digging up your flower bed.

More often than not, this becomes a habit.

Your dog will sneak out occasionally, only to find the pretty canine in the backyard or flower bed digging.

When he/she discovers she’s doing something wrong, the pretty innocent eyes will move you.

But you obviously don’t want your flower bed to get entire destroyed either.

What do you do?

Here are 8 resourceful tips on how to keep a dog from digging in flower beds.

Keep A Dog From Digging In Flower Beds – 8 Tips

1. Find Out the Reason He’s digging

Is he just curious or is she just stubborn?

Is it too hot outside/indoors or is she just more jovial than usual today?

Before you even think of stopping the lovely pup from digging, find out the possible reason why.

After all, he could be trying to unearth/excavate something down there that you know nothing about.

You may want to talk to your vet about it if it becomes too routinely.

2. Supervise Them

Some if not most dogs shy away from doing things that the parent doesn’t approve of.

Supervising your dog’s playtime in the flowerbed can stop him or her from messing your flower bed up.

If you know the reason he’s digging, a simple “stop” instruction is enough to do the trick.

If you don’t have the time to supervise him; you’d rather he stays inside.

3. Install a Fence

This one is plain simple and straightforward. Installing a fence can help your dog stay away from your flower bed, especially if they’re well disciplined.

However, the fence better be tall and stable enough to keep your pup off-limits.

Otherwise, some dogs jump right over and get on with their digging routine.

4. The Buried Balloon Trick

Another brilliant way to avoid a digging dog’s flowerbed destruction habit is to use buried inflated balloons.

You see, a dog has paws and when overexcited by the moment, they can get aggressive.

An inflated balloon will pop and scare your pup away from the flowerbed.

Bury balloons at your dog’s favorite digging spot and the popping might just keep them from doing it again.

5. Thorns Could Be Helpful

If your flower bed has a few thorny plants, you may just have the solution to your problem right there.

The next time you prune or trim your flower plants, you may want to leave a few thorns sticking out.

The canine friend knows best to keep away from things that poke and sting.

You may also leave a few thorny clippings on the ground and your pup will sure keep away.

6. Pepper

You’re probably thinking, “That’s not the way to treat a pet.”

Well, your intention isn’t to harm the dog. It’s not that you love your flowers and bright roses more.

You just want to discourage the cute little thing from messing up your flowerbed digging.

Crush a few red peppers and powder some mustard, then sprinkle the mixture around your flowerbed’s perimeter.

Your canine’s urge to cease the habit will highly likely overcome the temptation to dig.

7. Increase Playtime

Your dog may not be receiving the attention he desires or possibly deserves. Some dogs dig and mess stuff up just out of boredom and lack of enough exercise/play. When the tendency to dig in flowerbeds increases, you might want to consider increasing his/her playtime. This keeps them busy, wears them out a bit, and distracts them from the undesirable digging habit. Walk your dog more and teach him tricks more.

8. Find Him a Secluded “Digging Place”

Okay, he just won’t quit digging. Maybe they like it so much and you never know; this could be their favorite hobby. Why not prepare a special place for your dog to dig their guts out?

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