How To Install Weatherstripping

How To Install Weatherstripping In A Mobile Home

When your mobile home’s doors and windows start to have gaps around it is an obvious sign that you will need to perform weatherstripping. Sealing the gaps will not only make your mobile home feel warmer, but it is also a good energy saving strategy that can save you as much as ten to fifteen percent on your energy bills. There are many different types of of weatherstripping lining shelves available at the hardware stores, and selecting the right one for your needs might be confusing. We will discuss in this article a few examples of weatherstripping products and will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to install weatherstripping to your mobile home doors and windows.

Weatherstrip Product Examples

Thermwell EPDM Rubber Weatherseal

Thermwell is one of the manufacturing companies that actually created the do-it-yourself weatherstripping industry when they first introduced more than 50 years ago the Frost King Felt Weather-Strip. Today the company provides a comprehensive line of aluminum weatherizing products and soft foam tapes that are designed to help you save energy and money, and stay comfortable in your home or mobile home.

The Thermwell EPDM Rubber Weatherseal from Frost King is a high quality product that comes with an impressive 10 year guarantee. The product is a self stick tape that will not crack, harden, or freeze even at a temperature of 40 degrees below zero. The tape will spring back to its original shape even after enduring years of compression in subfreezing conditions. EPDM Rubber Weatherseal tape is a great mean of keeping the summer heat out your home and the air conditioning in. You can research more about the product on the company’s website: The item can be purchased online on Home Depot website, at: It is sold at a price of 5.67 each. It can also be found in some major home appliances chain stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, or Lowe’s.

Thermwell Poly Foam Weatherseal

Thermwell Poly Foam Weatherseal is self-stick tape, that can be used inside homes and mobile homes. It can fill even very narrow gaps because it can squeeze down to the required dimensions. You can find more information about the Thermwell Poly Foam Weatherseal online, on the company’s website: The product can be purchased from major home appliances and hardware store chains, such as Home Depot, Walmart or Lowe’s. You can also buy the product online, on the Amazon website: It is sold for 8 dollars a set of two.

WJ Dennis All Vinyl Door Sets

The door weatherstripping sets made by WJ Dennis manufacturer are an easy, fast, and affordable way to seal the gaps around your mobile home door. They adjust to the required dimension in order to allow your door to open and close easily. The door sets from WJ Dennis can fit doorframes up to 36 inches. They come with all the necessary nails and screws. Each set contains one piece of 36 inches weather seal strip and two pieces of 82 inches long weather seal strips. They are a more durable product and they also offer a more finished appearance than foam tape. The vinyl door sets provide air tight seal around your door and can withstand extreme variations of temperature. They also have the advantage to not rust over time.

WJ Dennis Wood and Foam door sets

The door sets made of wood and foam have the advantage to be lightweight and very simple to install. The foam edge delivers a tight seal in order to prevent any air leakage through your mobile home door. The WJ Dennis wood and foam door sets are very affordable. You can find more information about WJ weatherstripping products on the company website, at: You can purchase their product line online, on websites such as Amazon or from specialized stores such as Ace, Menards, Farm King, Carpet, Rocky’s, Marvin’s, Do it Best, Hardware Hank, Busy Beaver, Trader Horn, and others.

K.N. Crowder Extruded Vinyl and Extruded Aluminum Weatherstrip

All the weatherstripping provided is already punched and also supplied with self-tapping. The product is perfect to use in for your mobile home and depending on your home exterior finishing you can choose whether the extruded aluminum or the vinyl type.

Installation Steps

Installing weatherstripping for your doors or windows is a simple task. The first step consists in measuring the area where you need to install the seals. If you need to install weatherstripping in your doorways you need to measure the threshold to the top of the doorstop then apply your cut to match weatherstripping and nail it into place. The tools needed for this operation are measuring tape, utility knife and hammer. You can also seal your weatherstrips with adhesive.

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