How To Clean Linoleum Floors

Instructions On How To Clean Linoleum Floors Effortlessly

If you have decided to work with linoleum floors, it is important to note that they require a different cleaning process from the other types of floors. This is because linoleum is a low maintenance, powerful and resilient flooring material that needs a little bit of extra care. You should avoid using any harsh chemicals and taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you do not harm the surface or ruin the shine. Below are simple steps that you can follow on how to clean linoleum floors effortlessly.

Quick cleaning

For this you will need water, a mop, bucket, mild dish soap, old towel, broom and vacuum cleaner (optional).

Start by removing any lose debris and other particles that may be on the surface of the floor. This should be done thoroughly by vacuuming or sweeping. Be sure to focus on crevices, corners and underneath fixtures and furniture. The next step is to fill a bucket with hot water and mix this with about 6-8 drops of dish soap and stir lightly. Do not use anything that is acidic or harsh. Dip your mop into the solution and then wring it well as linoleum can be destroyed by standing water. Ensure that the stands of the mop are barely soapy and damp before it is used on the floor. You can divide the floor into section working on one at a time until you are done with the entire floor. When you are done, wash the bucket and mop and then fill the bucket with clean and hot water wiring it and cleaning the floor again. This helps to get rid of any water or soap residue. When you are happy with the results of the clean floor, it is recommended that you use an old towel or cloth to get rid of any excess moisture.

Deep cleaning

This is very important when learning techniques on how to clean linoleum floors as it needs to be done once or twice a year as it helps to keep the floor in great condition. This is where you engage in deep scrubbing especially if the floor has deep designs and grooves. For this you will need hot water, bucket, mop, nylon Bristol scrub brush, old towels, mild dish soap and vacuum cleaner/broom.

Start by vacuuming the floor using the “hard floor” settings or sweeping to get rid of loose dirt. Fill the bucket and hot water and drops of the soap. From here dip the brush into the water and scrub the floor. This should be done in a circular motion while dipping the brush in the water when need be. Be sure to scrub the entire floor. When you are done empty the bucket and clean it. fill it with clean water and mop the floor again to remove any soap that might have been left behind. Finish off by using the old towel or cloth to ensure that no moisture is left behind which can destroy the floors.

Restoring the shine

If you notice that the floor looks dull or dingy, it is time to restore the shine by refinishing it. for this you will need a mop, ammonia, hot water, bucket old towel, rubber gloves, clean cloth/soft rags and high quality floor wax.

Start by spreading the ammonia on the floor using a mop. Allow this to sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the floor with the brush. Scrub the entire floor in sections and rinse it off with a clean mop and hot water. When it is clean, dry the floor off using the soft rags/cloth. From here, the next step on how to clean linoleum floors if to apply the wax. Follow the instructions that are written on the label and let the first coat dry off completely before applying the second coat. Let this sit in for a day before you clean the floor to get the desired results.

If you do not want to use soap bought from the stores, you can make your own at home by adding half a cup of apple cider vinegar or distilled white vinegar to a gallon of water. For tough stains, use “Scrubbing Bubbles” on the area and wait for a few minutes before wiping it clean.

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