How To Build A Garage Next To A Mobile Home

How To Build A Garage Next To A Mobile Home: The Crucial Basics

To improve your property’s security and convenience, as well as enhance its exterior look and feel, adding a garage next to your mobile home can be a fantastic idea. As a matter of fact, garages are popular add-ons for manufactured homes. However, choosing the appropriate way to add this important structure next to your home can be a daunting challenge. However, it takes understanding your options first and settling on a design that will complement the outlook of your mobile home’s exterior. Building your garage can be easy if you understand the options available and what you need to actualize your project. This having been said, here is what you need to know on how to build a garage next to a mobile home.

Knowing Your Mobile Home Garage Options

There are two main options that you can choose when building a garage door next to your mobile home. These are detached garages and attached garages. The attached option is further divided into two categories, adjacent and integrated garages. Below are brief descriptions for each of the 3 major styles.

1) Detached Garages:

These are also known as free-standing garages, which are built as a separate structure next to the manufactured home. They are fairly easier to build and less planning is required. You only need to think of the materials and a design structure that will complement that of your mobile home. Be sure to match the roof style, materials, colors, and structural design and you’re good to go.

2) Attached Garages:

In comparison to the free-standing options, attached garages are fairly more complicated to build, both structurally and aesthetically. As earlier mentioned; these can be adjacent or integrated garages. Most attached garages provide access to the home through an entry point such as a kitchen or utility room. When building an attached garage, there are various things you should think about in order to spare the home from unduly pressure and to maintain a complementary style, especially when it comes to the foundations of the garage and the home.

a) Adjacent Garages: Adjacent garages are mobile home attached garage options that appear to be add-ons on to the home. Regardless of the fact that the structure is self-supporting, sufficient planning is still required when building the structure. The adjacent garage is built with 4 separate walls to support its own load but provides an entrance to the home by way of a utility room or space.

b) Integrated Garages: Integrated garages, on the other hand, share a wall with the manufactured home. They are basically integrated or affixed to the home and share a foundation as well.

Considerations Challenges You May Need To Deal With

Challenges: A common problem faced by most mobile homeowners when attaching a garage is the elevation difference between the garage floor and the mobile home floor. In this case, a few more steps may be required to get into the home from the garage. Achieving a clearance between the top of the home door and the garage ceiling may be a bit difficult. The first challenge can be dealt with by elevating the garage floor while setting your mobile home floor as low as it can get in order to reduce the number of steps required to get into the home. The home’s roof trusses can be modified or the garage roof framed to solve the ceiling height problem. All this require prior planning and careful forethought before starting the project.

Foundation Vs Load: Another key consideration is the foundation your home is built on and the load it can support. Homes on a permanent foundation are better suited to support the load of the garage attachment in comparison to homes with semi-permanent foundations.

Warranties: Also, it is important to let your mobile home manufacturer know that you plan on building attaching a garage before you do it. This prevents the possibility of voiding the home’s warranty. You can as well let them know at the point of purchase that you intend to do so, in which case the home can be built with 3 instead of 4 side panels.

Style and Design: In addition to the above, style and design remain important factors to think about whenever building a garage next to a mobile home, whether detached or attached. Be sure to think about the necessary materials and feature you need to include for your garage to complement the style and exterior décor of your home. Size is also an important factor to debate with yourself on.

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