Compact Laundry Units

8 Compact Laundry Units You Can Rely On When It Comes To Your Laundry Tasks

Due to space constraints in most laundry areas at home, compact laundry units are becoming popular these days. These units come in 3 different varieties. You can either choose a unit stacked with a dryer on top, stacked washer & dryer/laundry center, and finally a combination unit which washes and dries clothes without needing an external vent. This means that you can use it anywhere in your home without necessarily tying it to a particular place with a dryer vent. So in this article, we will highlight 8 of the most popular compact laundry units, their prices, and where to find them.

1) Sonya portable compact laundry dryer: size 110V stainless steel drum 8.8lbs capacity (

This is a unit you can plug anywhere you want. It’s 8.8lbs in capacity/2.5 cubit feet. It has a stainless steel drum transparent lid, with only 44lbs to carry around. You also get a 1 year warranty when you pay $304 only. It’s currently available on amazon.

2) Avanti 110-V Automatic dryer (

With only 110V to consume, and a sizable stainless steal drum to accommodate your laundry materials, this unit will serve its purpose better than most of the laundry equipments you see in the market. It costs $288 on Amazon. You can also choose between vented or recirculating options, wall-mounted or freestanding to conserve space. They also come with a glass window door.

3) Edgestar 2.0 cubic feet FastDry ventless washer dryer combo (

This unit uses FastDry drying technology to dry your clothes as fast as possible. It also comes with a built-in water heater, uniquely designed workspace top, and a Polyurethane tub construction. It accommodates up to 15lbs wash capacity, 7.71 dry capacity and 7 wash cycles. You can also set it to 5 spin speeds. It costs $949, so it’s a little bit costly compared to most units in the market.

4) Panda small compact portable washing machine (

It has a see-through viewing lid and a pulsator to generate both strong and weak water flows. It also comes with touch-pad controls and LED indicators to tell the status of the unit and any given time. It has 6 fully automated wash cycle, plus it supports all cloth materials, whether cotton, jeans or anti-wrinkle. It has 2 rollers at the back to facilitate ease of movement. It costs $339 only.

5) LG WM3477HW compact washer dryer combo (

With 2.7 cubic feet of capacity, it can accommodate most of your laundry tasks. The drive motor is also highly durable and amazingly quiet. It’s also a ventless dryer system, so it can fit just about anywhere in the house. It automatically detects moisture level in the drum before adjusting drying time and temperature according to your settings. Lastly, it supports 120V. It costs $1,425, which is a bit expensive for some people.

6) Haier HWD100 front load 1.7 cubic foot washer/dryer combo (

The capacity is 1.7 cubit feet. It’s a front load/washer dryer combo coupled with useful electronic controls. You don’t need an external venting outlet. It can work with a regular electricity switch. Other features include 6 fabric care wash cycles, 3 standard wash cycles as well as external rinse options. It also supports all detergents you can think of. Get a new one at the price of only $1000. A used one goes for $849 on Amazon.

7) Smart plus product SPP55AW top load washing machine (

It washes 12lbs of laundry with its capacity of 1.65 cubic feet. It has up to 10 electrically controlled water levels and 4 washing programs. You can also select up to 3 water temperature selections. Other standard features include a clear viewing lid, LED indicators and electronic controls. Fill & drain hoses have also been included with the unit. The cost is only $450 and ratings is 4 stars.

8) Panda portable compact washing machine (

This is a portable yet compact washing machine you can carry anywhere as it only weighs 28lbs. It’s also easy to operate-just fill with water and set the timer. You can also use it in your apartment, in dorms, during your travels and so forth. One side is for washing while the other side is for spinning. It will cost you $219 at Amazon.

As you can see, there’s such a vast array of options to go with. These are not the only compact washing machines you can buy as there are many others we’ve not mentioned. Some of them are also portable enough to carry around. But one thing they all have in common is this; they are all compact, so they consume little space while getting much of your laundry tasks done. Here are the links to the various products in the order that we’ve listed them above.

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