What To Do With Old Furniture

4 Best Ideas On What To Do With Old Furniture

With the current high rate of innovation and development, many things become obsolete in a short period. Furniture is not to be left behind. After purchasing your new piece of furniture, it is common that you do not understand how to correctly get rid of your old furniture in a way that benefits you and may be the community without them ending up in the landfills that could potentially cause major environmental hazards, not forgetting that it also has an economic impact. Especially if you just bought a mobile home, you would want to dispose the old furniture off or exchange it for something that fits more into the tinier space or blends with the décor. This being the case, here are the 4 best ideas on what to do with old furniture.

1) Upgrade Your Old Furniture by Refurbishing It

If your old furniture is still structurally in good shape, you could refurbish it. This can be done in a number of ways. The fabric covering your sofa could be stripped off and replaced with new to give your old furniture a newer look. Your old furniture could also be repainted. Old mahogany if nicely painted acquires a newer and better look. One could also buy new thicker cushions, new knobs, new stain, and finish to be fixed onto old furniture to make it newer and better. This could save you a great amount of money in having to move the furniture to landfills or the hustle of having to move the furniture to the backyard or to a different place in your house.

2) Sell or Exchange Your Old Furniture

What may seem unwanted and obsolete to you may be important and urgently needed by other people. You could sell your old furniture to college students who are normally looking for cheap affordable furniture that could suit their needs. So for that old table, chair or office desk you consider old, you would rather advertise it to them. You could also sell or exchange your old furniture via the internet. Many websites are available to facilitate this. They include: Craigslist is an example that allows for such. FreeCycle is an example of a nonprofit organization which is responsible for the redistribution of goods. You could also post pictures of your old furniture to selling websites e.g. OLX which have a wide variety of buyers spread geographically and with diverse needs which could buy your furniture. This will enable you to earn money for though not the exact price you bought the furniture but is way better than it being in a landfill. You also throw a garage or yard sale.

3) Donate Your Old Furniture to a Charity, Church, Theatre, or a School Nearby

You may consider donating your old furniture to a non-profit charity organization such as a church. These donations go a long way to support refugees, victims of fires and natural perils, and other tragedies to pick up their lives. However, there is a difference between dumping and donating. Then you must make sure that your furniture is in a relatively good condition before you donate it. This also allows you to give back to your community. In many communities, high schools, colleges, and theater groups are locally available. Therefore, one could allow a mutual gain to such institutions and themselves by donating your furniture to them. In the process, you could help in the development of the arts in the community theaters thereby benefitting many. You could also ask your family members if any are in need of furniture and donate it to them.

4) Recycle or Repurpose Your Furniture

You could decide to move your old furniture to a different place in your home to serve a different purpose from the previous, thereby creating space for the new furniture. One could also make use of e.g. old toilet bowls to plant flowers in the back yard, old television set boxes as domestic fish tanks, and turn old bookshelves into suitable ferret hotels. This enables recycling of old furniture and saves on the cost of buying, like planting tins, for instance, and most importantly, saves the environment.

It is clear that proper ways to get rid of old furniture are no longer a puzzle. It is rather up to you to come up with a great idea that will work for you, your community, and the environment. These 4 best ideas on what to do with old furniture can help avoid filling landfills with products which can be utilized for the benefit of humanity and sustainability of the environment.

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